The Institute gives away all these Communications for FREE! Support the Institute with a donation so we can continue solving more intractable challenges which benefit humanity. We are a for-profit consulting think-tank on a SHOE-STRING budget. We engage in ultra-far-out projects beyond even DARPAs radar. Where-as DARPA works on projects that are possible, some of our projects are impossibly difficult, and a few projects are considered impossible by science. NOTE that we do not normally IMPLEMENT our projects, they are Theoretical. But we make 3 exceptions: Project Andros, Gravity Drive and Space-Pocket-Tardis.

1. We need money so we can move out of the CAFE and into a real office.

2. We need to buy a Honda Asimo android robot for $5,000,000 dollars (1 million/each x 5 years maintenance/upgrades). Project Andros #26.

3. We need to build a gravity-drive spaceship which uses attraction instead of propulsion. We need a laboratory isolated from civilization and secure. $5 million starter just to get out of the gate. Project #21.

4. We need to build a "Tardis-like" Space-Pocket, bigger on the inside, no time travel, just spacial scaling. Our Dium Hypothesis (a TOE) of physics doesn't rule this out, so it's possible, and seems likely. $5 million starter. Same laboratory as #21. Project #36.

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-Director, Intractable Studies Institute in Peralta, NM USA.

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