ANNOUNCING 2017/06/07: Space is an object in nature.

ANNOUNCING 2017/05/04: An Artificial Gravity Space Colony Station.

The Intractable Studies Institute is currently looking for sponsors for our research. If you or your organization would like to sponsor our advanced research, or wish to inquire more about sponsorship options, contact the Institute from the Contacts tab on the main page.

The Institute gives away all these Communications for FREE! Support the Institute with a donation so we can continue solving more intractable challenges which benefit humanity. We are a for-profit consulting think-tank on a SHOE-STRING budget. We engage in ultra-far-out projects beyond even DARPAs radar. Where-as DARPA works on projects that are possible, some of our projects are impossibly difficult, and a few projects are considered impossible by science. NOTE that we do not normally IMPLEMENT our projects, they are Theoretical. But we make 3 exceptions: Project Andros, Gravity Drive and Space-Pocket-Tardis.

1. We need money so we can move out of the CAFE and into a real office.

2. We need to buy a Honda Asimo android robot for $2.500,000 dollars (2.5 million/each x 5 years maintenance/upgrades = $10 million). Project Andros #26.

3. We need to build a gravity-drive spaceship which uses attraction instead of propulsion. We need a laboratory isolated from civilization and secure. $5 million starter just to get out of the gate. Project #21.

4. We need to build a "Tardis-like" Space-Pocket, bigger on the inside, no time travel, just spacial scaling. Our Dium Hypothesis (a TOE) of physics doesn't rule this out, so it's possible, and seems likely. $5 million starter. Same laboratory as #21. Project #36.

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