Announcing November 15, 2021: A formal paper of Dium TOE solutions to 12 intractable physics problems.

OPEN LETTER 9/8/2021: A personal account Patrick Rael had of being at the
same cafe where and when the 911 bombers got their marching orders near DC.
Pat pieced this together 1-2 years after that.

These are Institute Fund Raising Days. Support the Institute so
we can create more solutions like Fighting Forest Fires 100x better,
Disrupting Tornadoes, Floating Houses, Fundamental Dium TOE Physics,
Project Andros androids (humaniform robots), etc, etc -->

3 Climate Change Mitigations here!

Donate now to help fund our Forest Firefighting Design which scales to 100+
water bombers dropping water on forest fires and cities. Use the Donate page
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agency to implement this design! This could save your home and city from burning.
Donate to help fight Climate Change!

Announcing: Plans for 2021-2024 are being made to solve 4 AGI intractable problems:

Project Andros: To copy the Director's mind into an Android.
1. Consciousness.
2. Sentience.
3. Sensation.
4. Emotion.

The Institute is now accepting
donations/grants for Project Andros.

We want to find about 10 or more financial sponsors for Project Andros, that will
get the project funded. Those who contribute at the $1 million level or higher
get to be in line to get their mind copied into an android AFTER I copy mine first.
There is a requirement that the person be Level-3 on the L3-IQ-Scale to prevent AI
Singularities (you can't be selfish, greedy nor intolerant).

There is no lower limit of donation, but $1 million gets you in line and I'll
oversee the copying of your mind. Lesser donors will not get in line but we remember
them and they will get access to the code before the open sourcing of it.

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