November 23, 2018. An Open Letter from the Intractable Studies Institute
Director Patrick Rael to California Governor Jerry Brown.

Dear Governor Brown of California,

      The great loss of life and property from the California fires can

be easily avoided.  You have the amphibious and non-amphibious water bombers,

but they are being deployed inefficiently.  There is a flight pattern that 

can focus water drops at critical cities with enough water to save them 

from burning.  The Institute's "String-of-Pearls" aerial formation by design  

provides 4 water bomber drops per minute at a specific city or location.

This flight formation is an elliptical loop with one end at the fire, 

dropping water, and the other end refilling at a lake or ocean.  This formation

can be used with any aerial craft, even helicopters, to scale their ability

to higher volumes of water focused at specific locations.  This flight formation 

has these unique characteristics that are needed for extreme fires:

1. Extremely high volume (100X) of water focused at a critical location like a city.

2. Very low risk of air collisions with equal spacing of planes in the loop.

     No more people need to die in California fires.  The Intractable Studies 

Institute designed this String-of-Pearls flight formation, made it free, and we 

are ready to help you learn it and deploy it to start 1) saving more lives and 

2) property, and 3) reducing the costs of fire-fighting.

Fighting Forest Fires 100X better!


Patrick M. Rael
-Director, Intractable Studies Institute

"When all else fails, come to the Institute."